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What is Online Allergies?

Online Allergies is a free site that helps users share their allergies with their friends and family. Users create an easily updatable profile containing allergy lists for themselves, their spouse/partner, and their children, so that this information is available to help prevent and respond to allergic reactions.

How does it work?

1.Create a profile

Containing your basic information and photograph.

Your Name
City, ST

2.List your allergies

Into Food, Drug and Other categories, rating the severity and notes specfic to you.

3.Share your allergies

With friends and loved ones to be prepared for an emergency situation.


Why does Online Allergies exist?

A message from Co-Founder, Drew Aveling

On Christmas Day 2009, my stepsister started her day with her usual two mile run. Later that evening she excused herself from the dinner table. She wasn’t feeling well. 24 hours later an ambulance was rushing her to the E.R. She flat-lined twice on the way to the hospital and soon entered a coma.

As the doctors began pumping her full of antibiotics, they asked us a simple question:

“What is she allergic to?”

We didn't know.

We were in Florida -- all of her health records were in Georgia. Five long hours later, we found a friend who was able to break into her condo, find her records and fax them to the hospital. Sure enough, one of the drugs she was allergic to was already dripping through an IV into her arm. A nurse immediately ripped it off and replaced it with an alternative. My stepsister awoke from her coma five days later. Had we not found that vital piece of information, she likely would have suffered permanent brain damage.

We got lucky. My stepsister fully recovered, and she’s still running.

We created Online Allergies because we don’t believe anyone should have to rely on luck to save a life.

We hope you find this site useful and look forward to bringing you even more useful tools in the future.

About us

Drew Aveling, Co-Founder

Drew's unforgettable Christmas is only part of the story. Asthma and hay fever have been lifelong constants - as well as his love of lists. Not a day goes by without a list being created, and usually by lunch, an updated list replaces the first. The incident with his stepsister sparked the idea that a tool should exist to prevent others families from enduring the same stressful experience. An updatable shared list was the answer.

Drew has lived with allergies in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Florida, England and now California. His award winning short film “CHILDREN 2000”, a dedication to UNICEF, was his first attempt at combining art and technology to shine a light on a worldwide issue.

Jason Bierfeld, Co–Founder

Jason has been directly affected by allergies and asthma from a very young age. Having been hospitalized for pneumonia several times before he was twelve, this precocious kid not only learned the names of the admitting staff, but also the importance of knowing his food and drug allergies. Always fascinated with technology and how it can be applied to better the human condition, hearing Drew’s story led Jason to help develop new ways of sharing this vital information.

Jason is a Texas native who now calls California home. The location change hasn’t stopped his sneezes, so he continues to update his allergy profile.

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